The Mill

I love The Mill. It’s a nice, big open space. The folks who work there are always nice. The bread and other treats are delish and I can say with all honesty that I’m okay paying $7 for a piece of toast with avocado spread and salt and pepper. Because, dammit, it’s great bread! And I love avocado.

Then there’s the Four Barrel coffee. Yum. Nuff said.

To me, Josie Baker Bread and Four Barrel is a relationship made in heaven.

But all is not perfect. The place isalways  crowded. Crowds of people annoy me – especially my fellow patrons at The Mill. I don’t want to insult them, but I want them all to be invisible. I want the place to be quiet. I don’t want to inadvertently overhear inane conversations or listen to hipster girls cackling. If they were all invisible, then I could sit and relax and read while I drink my latte and eat my $7 dark mountain rye toast with mushed avocado and salt and pepper. Though, of course, I  want the proprietors to be successful.

It’s a conundrum.


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