Do You Know Wh…

My friend, Abby, and I got a membership to the SFMOMA this year just in time for the reopening of the museum. The membership enabled us to sign up for one of the pre-opening viewings for members only, so we both took a Friday afternoon off from work and went downtown to give the new space a once over, as well as renewing our relationships with some of our favorite museum pieces that we hadn’t seen for quite some time. The addition is great. There is a lot more gallery space and it’s all clean and fresh and new. Even if you aren’t a modern art affectionado, I recommend a visit. The collection is varied enough that you’ll be sure to find things you like. You are also bound to have several contemplative moments as you look at a particular piece of art and try to figure out what, exactly, you are looking at. I’m not ashamed of those moments. I like the challenge it presents.

While wondering around the museum, I encountered something unexpected that first made my brow furrow and then rise. When I realized what I was looking at, I laughed out loud. I thought, I’m not the only one who’ll react to this, so I backed up a bit and prepared to take some photographs. I wanted an authentic response. It didn’t take long.

Those photos were taken in that order and it was a perfect sequence. In case you didn’t get it, that isn’t a real cop. For me, when I first saw him, I thought, “really, they need cops in the museum now?” only to transition to, “uh, something’s off here,” before ending up with, “oh, duh!” and a burst of laughter.

After I documented this lovely woman’s path to awareness, I went over to talk to her. She had seen me taking pictures. I told her I had to get someone else’s reaction because I knew mine had to have been great to see. We both got a kick out of the figure and our responses to him. It was a great moment to share.

It’s times like this that I wish I had a “calling card” that I could give out. Maybe just a little Moo card printed with my email. If I’d had one, I’d have pulled it out and handed it to her, inviting her to email me if she was interested in seeing the photos. I think she would have gotten a kick out of them.


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