Is This Still Allowed?

Are we still allowed to post cats videos on the interwebs? Because, well, I must post this video of Pawz being a total dork. I’m willing to risk Armageddon and the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, zombie virus outbreaks, and other certain doom to share his most embarrassing of moments. (Plus, I don’t really have anything to post about and I want to give this WordPress blog a real work out.)

I mean, for pity’s sake. Flop it? Really, Pawz? It’s just silly.

(Can’t seem to get the Flickr video to embed directly in the post, so including the link for now. Grrrr. Though it does show up in my little Flickr left nav widget. Hmmm. Update 6/23/16: after much web searching and reading it seems that the WP embed capabilities don’t work with Flickr any longer and using the Flickr embed code in a WP post just embeds the first frame of the video and then you have to click the image to be taken to the Flickr video. That’s a bit disappointing as now I’ll have to rethink where I store videos if I want them to actually – yup – EMBED in my post. I’m not a big YouTube fan and I hate having to manage my content in so many ways and places, but I suppose that’s just our digital world now.)


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